Complete Guide to Trademark Classes

To get a trademark, you will need to be able to report which class or classes your trademark will cover. This can change the registration process and fees, but deciphering 45 different divisions can become confusing for many people.

There are 45 different classes of trademarks that cover different categories of goods and services. The first 34 classes cover goods and the last 11 are various services. When registering a trademark, each class of goods or services included under the trademark must be reported.

Now that you know that there are 45 classes of trademarks, let’s go into more detail about each one. Keep reading below!

Trademark Classes

Trademark classes are divided up by good versus services and topical categories. Check out this table for a concise description of each of the 45 classes, what fits in each class, and what some commonly mistaken exceptions are.

NumberCategoryDescriptionExamplesExceptions to the class (and where it should actually go)
1ChemicalsChemicals that are used in industry, science, agriculture, and productionPutties, composts, adhesives, food additives, fire extinguishingChemicals for medical/veterinary use (5), household adhesives (16), pesticides and herbicides (5)
2PaintsPaints, colorants, and preparations for arts, crafts, and industry useInk, varnish, lacquer, dye, preservatives against rust/deteriorationCosmetic dyes (3), stationary ink (16), unprocessed artificial resin (1), laundry blueing (3)
3Cosmetics and CleaningNon-medicated toiletries and cleaning productsDeodorant, room fragrance, polish, laundry bleach Make-up brushes (21), cleaning rags (21), medicated soaps (5)
4Lubricants and FuelsIndustrial oils, greases, fuels, and illuminantsElectrical energy, candles, gasoline, wax, leather preservation oilLeather tanning oils (1), dental wax (5), lighters (34), massage candles (3)
5PharmaceuticalsMedical or veterinary pharmaceuticals and other productsDietary supplements, sanitary preparations, medicated toiletries, diapersVitamins and antioxidants (1), bandages (10), diet foods (29,30, or 32)
6Metal GoodsCommon metals, alloys, ores, and items made from those metals Metal building materials, metal hardware, metal containers, safesMetals used for their chemical properties (1), electric cables (9), other metal goods classified by their function
7MachineryMachines and their tools, motors, enginesVending machines, incubators, motor parts, electric cleaning machines, non-transportation vehiclesLand vehicles and their motors/engines (12), medical machinery (10), robots (various)
8Hand ToolsManually operated toolsGardening tools, cutlery, hammers, chisels, razors, knivesSurgical knives and tools (10), serving utensils (21), motorized tools (7)
9Electrical and Scientific EquipmentInstruments, technology, and equipment for scientific, research, and safety purposesSimulators, navigation instruments, magnifying glasses, traffic lights, alarms, magnets, protective clothingLaboratory lamps and burners (11), protective clothing for sports (28)
10Medical EquipmentMedical, surgical, dental, and veterinary instrumentsBandages, contraceptive devices, operating tables, prosthetics, specialized clothing, and furniture for medical purposesSanitary products for absorption (5), wheelchairs (12), hospital beds (20)
11Environmental Control EquipmentInstallations for cooking, ventilating, heating, lighting, sanitizing, cooling, water supply, and dryingAir conditioners, ovens, toilets, fountains, electronic equipment for making food, sterilizers, lampsGenerators (7), portable baby baths (21), non-electric cooking utensils (21), medical lamps or heaters (10)
12VehiclesVehicles for the transportation of people or goods across land, air, or water Motors, engines, transmission, wheels, vehicle partsToy remote control vehicles (28), Tricycles, scooters, and toy bikes (28), fire engines (9)
13FirearmsFirearms; including ammunition, pyrotechnics, and explosivesFlares, air pistols, sporting firearms, hunting firearms, personal defense sprays, fireworks, projectilesBlades as weapons and sidearms other than firearms (8), matches (34), telescopic sights (9)
14JewelryPrecious stones, precious metals, their alloys, and goods made from themJewelry (including imitation), key chains, charms, cuff links, clocks, watches, jewelry boxesSmartwatches (9), works of art made from precious metals (6)
15Musical InstrumentsInstruments, parts, and accessories for creating musicMusic stands, conductor’s batons, music boxes, strings, reeds, tuning instruments Music recording or amplifying devices (9), downloadable sheet music or music recordings (9), metronomes (9)
16Paper or Printed GoodsPaper goods, cardboard products, and office suppliesPaper clips, pencil sharpeners, envelopes, disposable paper products, photographs, stationery, and accessoriesCigarette paper (34), paper plates/bowls/cups (21), sandpaper (3)
17Rubber GoodsInsulating materials for manufacturing useRubber stoppers, shock-absorbing buffers, rubber for tire repair, tubes, and hosesInsulating glass (19), fire hose (9), dental rubber (5), rubber erasers (16),
18Leather GoodsLeather, leather imitations, and goods made from leather materialsLuggage, bags, wallets, saddles, collars, whips, leashes, animal skinsLeather clothing, footwear, belts, or headwear (25), bags classified by what they carry (various)
19Nonmetallic Building SuppliesMaterials used in building and construction, except anything made from metalWooden beams/planks, terracotta, roofing supplies, granite, marble, gravestones, asphalt, tarPreservatives and protections for concrete (1), linoleum (27), lumber that has not been cut or treated (31)
20Furniture and Unclassified GoodsFurniture and any goods that are not classified by their material or purposeBlinds, bedding, mirrors, goods made of wicker, bone, shell, wood, reed, cork, or amberAny goods that can be classified by their function or use (various), laboratory furniture (9), medical furniture (10)
21Houseware and GlassHousehold and kitchen tools, usually small and manually operatedServing utensils, fly-swatter, combs, toothbrushes, nutcrackers, mortar and pestleElectric appliances (7), kitchen tools for cutting (8), lice combs (10), mirrors (20)
22Fiber and CordageRaw, fiber materials for making textile products Ropes, nets, tents, sails, stuffing materials, hammocks, vehicle covers, animal-sourced fibersStrings for musical instruments (15), strings for sports racquets (28), padding or stuffing made from plastic (17)
23Yarn and ThreadNatural or synthetics yarns and threads for textilesSpun silk, cotton, or wool, sewing thread, embroidery threadSurgical thread (10), elastic thread (17)
24FabricTextiles, linens, and fabrics that are mainly for household useSleeping bags, mosquito nets, bedspreads, pillow shams, towelsHorse blankets (18), decorative bead curtains (20), insulating fabric (17)
25ClothingClothing for people; including footwear and headwearCostumes, sports uniforms, bibs, pocket squares, parts of clothingProtective clothing, footwear, or headwear (9), clothing for animals (18), doll clothes (28)
26Fancy and Decorative GoodsDecorative items that don’t fit in other classes designed for adorning a variety of thingsWigs, hair clips and bands, buckles, garlands, zippers, hair curling tools, ribbons, bowsFake eyelashes (3), eyelash curlers (8), paper ribbons and bows (16)
27Floor CoveringsPermanent and non-permanent coverings for walls and floorsCarpets, bath mats, rugs, wallpaper, turf, yoga matsTile (6), wooden floorboards (19), electrically heated flooring (11), mats for playpens (20)
28Toys and Sporting GoodsToys, games, sports equipment, and certain amusement itemsGame controllers, fishing rods and tackle, toys, games, video games, sporting equipment, Christmas tree decorations Christmas tree lights (11), protective sporting equipment (9), diving equipment (9)
29Meats and Processed FoodsAnimal products and foods that have been prepared or preserved in some wayMeat, fish, poultry, game, eggs, milk, cheese butter, jams/jellies, milk substitutes, nuts and seeds, oils, and fatsBaby food (5), dietary supplements (5), salad dressing (30), live animals (31), animal food (31)
30Staple FoodsPlant-based foods that are processedFlour, bread, pastries, coffee, tea, ice cream, sugar, yeast, salt, seasonings, condiments, ice, cereal, sandwiches, piesFresh herbs (31), raw cereal (31), salt for industrial use (1), food for medical use (5)
31Natural Agricultural ProductsRaw and unprocessed food products and food for animalsFresh produce, fertilized eggs, live animals, unprocessed nuts, seeds, and grains, animal litterRice (30), tobacco (34), animal food that is medicated or has dietary supplements (5)
32Non-Alcoholic Beverages and BeersBeverages that do not contain alcohol, and beerBeer, flavored water, sparkling water, juice, syrups for flavoring, soft drinksMilk-based beverages (29), lemon juice (29), tomato juice (29), coffee/tea drinks (30)
33Wine and SpiritsAny alcoholic drink, except beersWine, spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic cider, alcoholic fruit extractNon-alcoholic wine (32), beers (32), mixers for alcoholic drinks (32), liquid medicines (5)
34Smoking GoodsTobacco, tobacco substitutes, and items used for smokingMatches, cigarettes, cigars, vapes, herbs for smoking, flavoring for cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays Batteries for electronic cigarettes (9), chargers for electronic cigarettes (9), car ashtrays (12)
35Advertising and BusinessServices that involve advertising, managing, operating, or organizing a business Advertisements, promotions, book-keeping, auditing, legal registrations, scheduling, file managementFinancial management services (36), real estate (36), graphic design for advertisements (42), copyright management (45)
36Insurance and FinancialServices related to finances, banking, real estate, insuranceFinancial transactions, appraisals, check verification, loans, credit managementBusiness transactions and financial records (35), evaluation of wool or timber (42)
37Building Construction and RepairConstruction, installation, repair, and extractionMining, oil drilling, roads, buildings, restoration services, maintenance services, cleaningTransformations beyond cleaning or restoring (40), installation of computer software (42)
38TelecommunicationServices that enable communication between partiesBroadcasting, e-mail, radio, phone, videoconferencing, online forumsRadio advertising or telemarketing (35),
39Transportation and StoragePackaging, storing, and transporting goods, people, or animalsOperating transportation stations, vehicles, and facilities, packaging goods, loading and unloading goodsAdvertising transportation (35), travel insurance (36), vehicle repair (37)
40Treatment of MaterialsMechanical and chemical processing, transforming or producing goodsDyeing, preservation treatments, soldering/welding, processing food, quilting, customization Maintenance and repair (37), painting or plastering (37), anti-rust treatments (37)
41Education and EntertainmentServices that aim to educate, train, entertain, or amuseExhibitions, translations, publication, photography, news, fitness training, sporting events, gambling, online gaming servicesRadio broadcasting (38), spa services (44), wedding planning (45)
42Computer and Scientific Services that involve technology use, analysis, or researchEngineering, coding, surveying, data security, virus protection, softwareComputer file management (35), computer hardware (37), sound engineering (41)
43Hotels and RestaurantsServices that provide, food, drink, and/or accommodationsReservations, animal boarding, rental services, personal chef, renting rooms, retirement homesBusiness management of hotels or restaurants (35), housekeeping (37), pet sitting (45)
44Medical, Beauty, and AgriculturalMedical, hygienic, and beauty services for humans or animals, as well as agricultureHospital, dentistry, optometry, veterinary, pharmacy, animal grooming, spa, dietary advice, pest control, weed control, floral artNon-agricultural pest control (37), animal boarding (43), animal training (41), gyms (41)
45Personal ServicesLegal, security, or social servicesInvestigation, surveillance, personal advocacy, lawyering, social escort, marriage services, funeral servicesEscorting travelers (39), security transportation (39), protecting software (42), performances (41)
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Class Separation

As you can tell from the table, there are a few different factors that go into other separation and definitions of classes. The biggest division is between goods and services. Classes 1-34 are the goods. These are various items, equipment, and products that are part of the commercial market. Classes 35-45 are all services. These are actions that someone is performing that are bought and sold on the commercial market. The services classes are simply divided by topic.

The 34 goods classes are divided up mainly according to the purpose but also based on the material used to produce the good. A lot of the exceptions are removed from a certain class because they are used for a specific purpose. Class 9 (scientific equipment) and class 10 (medical equipment) have their contents based completely on the use of the good. This is why you can see furniture (20) and hand tools (8) that are actually classified under 9 or 10 because they have a specific use. Materials like metals, plastics, and textiles help define a lot of the other classes, but the ultimate reason that one good is placed in a certain class is because of its purpose.

Why Classes Matter

When you register a trademark with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), you will need to register under the correct class, and may even register under multiple classes. Trademarks are protected based on what class they are in, meaning that two separate individuals or companies could have identical trademarks as long as they are in different classes. Before registering a trademark, you will need to do a trademark search in each class you need to register under. Check for any existing trademark that is similar enough to yours to be confusing. Checking with each class of interest will help you ultimately get all the protection you need for your trademark.

It will cost more to register under more classes, but it will also provide more trademark protection. Once you are registered, no one else can register a trademark that is similar to yours in any of the classes you are registered under.

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