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Different Types of Patents offered by the USPTO

Different Types of Patents

If you’re a company or inventor, knowing the different types of patents is essential to securing the right type of intellectual property protection for your idea or invention. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers inventor three types of patent with which they…
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what can you patent

What Can Be Patented?

If you’re someone who has been working on an invention in your garage for months and have finally invented something useful, you might be wondering: can my invention be patented? We are here to explain what inventions or ideas can be patented and why protecting…
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How long do patents in the us last?

How Long Do Patents Last?

The amount of time that patents last in the United States has changed a few times over the course of our history. The U.S Constitution provides that inventors should have their inventions and discoveries protected “for limited times,” however it doesn’t give us an exact…
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